Carpet and Tile cleaning before and After pictures

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ID: 1 Restaurant carpet before Kleenright UK
heavily soiled carpet

As you can see from this picture. This is a heavily soiled Restaurant Carpet.

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ID: 2 Restuarant Carpet after Kleenright UK
cleaned restaurant carpet

 As you can see quite clearly the carpet is looking as good as new. This would not have been achievable with a normal wand carpet cleaning process that most carpet cleaners use. Hot water extraction and rotary cleaning is what was required for the results expected by Kleenright UK to bring this carpet back to life. If you want your carpets looking like new call us now on 0800 633 5953.

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ID: 3 Lounge Carpet before Kleenright UK

Our client at this property thought her carpet was beyond repair and would need to be thrown out it was only after seeing our website and our offer of The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever Or...It's Free,  with this and the offer of our Free no obligation carpet audit we received a call.  We gave our Free Carpet Audit and explained what we could do to restore the  carpet and should we fail there would be no charge.  Our client  was very pleased to know the only thing she had to lose was the dirt.

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ID: 4 Lounge Carpet After Kleenright UK

As you can see from the pictures the carpet was saved which helped our client save a small fortune on replacing it. With our carpet Audit we explained that the carpet is still good for another 10 years with regular cleaning. For your Free carpet audit call us now on 0800 633 5953 or send an online quote.

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ID: 5 stair carpet Before and After Kleenright UK
stair carpet{fp}

 As you can see in this picture the carpets had been well and truly trashed. This was a tenanted property and as usual the tenants had failed to keep with the required maintenance. After our Free carpet Audit we assured the landlord that there was no need to replace the carpet and if we could not remove the dirt and stains the carpet cleaning would be free. This was obviously a win,win, win situation for the landlord. If we failed to deliver on our promise then the carpet cleaning was free.

For your free no obligation quote and stain free carpets call us Now on 0800 633 5953.

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ID: 6 Shower Cubicle Tiles and Grout Before Kleenright UK
Dirty shower cubicle

 (BEFORE) As you can see in this picture the tenants in this rented property left the tiles and grout in a horrible state. We actually attended this property to clean the carpets. The landlord was showing us around telling us what a mess the property was left in. He thought he would have to replace the tiles and grout as they looked disgusting. We asked him to let us show what great results we can achieve at a fraction of the cost of replacement, and if he's not happy there would be no charge.

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ID: 7 Shower Cubicle Tile and Grout After Kleenright UK
Tile and grout after

 (AFTER) As you can see the tiles and grout look brand new. If you have a bathroom that's not looking as good as it used to Call us now on 0800 633 5953 for a FREE no obligation quote. Put the sparkle back into your tiles.

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ID: 8 half clean and half dirty
half cleaned floor

 As you can see in this picture the floor had become really dirty due to there being a poor sealer applied when installed. The owners thought they had made a big mistake and should never have purchased this type of flooring. As you can see we have only cleaned a section of the floor but what a huge difference it has made. The owner now loves her floor again.

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