A New Way to Feel the Relief From Your Allergy and Asthma Symptoms Guaranteed

Relief from your Allergy and Asthma symptoms
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Exposure to dust mite and pet allergen are widely accepted to be one of the most important causes of allergic disease for many people, And, continued exposure aggravates allergic illnesses, which can lead to the development of others. Allergies are also risk factors for the development of more serious, chronic and even life threatening illnesses like asthma and sinusitis. 

Treated Bedroom

        Obtain Immediate Symptom Relief

When a bedroom has been completely cleaned and treated using Kleenright Uk's  Responsible Care Anti-Allergen System, results are often seen within the first three days, and often during the first night!

Imagine getting a good night's sleep--tonight!

Anti-Allergen services don't replace all the other sound Environmental Control practices you're already using, but by coming at the problem in a totally new and different way the levels of allergen are radically reduced, often providing instant relief.

Dr. J Maberley, a consultant physician and allergy expert at the Airdale Health Authority in Yorkshire demonstrated that the use of the active ingredient in Allergy Relief Treatment produced "significant changes in reactivity" and " markedly improved symptoms" in his patients.


 Cleaning Alone is Not Enough

While cleaning is important, no matter how spotless your home, dust mites can't be eliminated or cleaned away. In the case of pet allergies, most people can't bear to part with a beloved family pet even though this is the number one recommendation of doctors.

That's why the key to the success of our Responsible Care System is the use of specialised cleaning agents to remove as much allergen and allergen food source as possible followed by application of the Allergy Relief Treatment that inactivates the allergens, preventing them from causing an allergic reaction.


So Effective, We Guarantee It!

When the Responsible Care System of anti-allergen cleaning and treatment is used to service the mattress and carpeting in the bedroom of allergy sufferers, it is guaranteed to provide a noticeable improvement in allergy symptoms within three days or we will refund your money.


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