Flood, Fire and Damage Restoration in Liverpool and Merseyside

Fire and Flood in Liverpool

KLEENRIGHT UK has a powerful advantage over our competitors when it comes to our restoration work.  We have a totally self contained, power supply which may be used without having to use a possibly damaged power supply at the incident.  This kind of attention to detail can speed up the area to a pre-damaged condition.



Fire Damage

A fire can cause soot, smoke damage and charring to wood, brick, concrete and metal, at KLEENRIGHT UK,  we do not use traditionaly slow methods, such as the removal by scraping, using wire brushes or with a cold jet, this can be a tedious process. 

KLEENRIGHT UK  has advanced
cleaning procudures which speed up the process of repairing a damaged building - putting you back where you started from with a fast turnaround.



email:  kleenrightuk@aol.com


Building Repair

At  KLEENRIGHT UK, our professional Carpet Cleaning service is available round the clock,

No job is considered too small yet we are able to competently work on with the largest and most demanding sites. 

Our customers can be anyone from Insurers and loss Adjusters, to Construction Companies Housing Associations, well known multi-nationals and, the general public. We are happy to help anyone in need.