What carpet Cleaning System is Best

What method of cleaning is best

The Truck-Mounted System

Kleenright UKCarpet Cleaning uses  the latest, state-of-the-art truck-mounted carpet cleaning system and equipment, and environmentally safe cleaning agents to remove even the toughest of dirt & stains from your carpet,grout and tiles.

Our proven truck-mounted method of carpet,upholstery and tile cleaning employs a heated solution that removes more soil and dirt than any other cleaning methods available.

In fact, high pressure heated steam cleaning is the preferred method of almost all carpet and fiber manufacturers and regularly scheduled carpet cleaning is important enough that the majority of carpet manufacturers require them in order to maintain the warranty and to get the best life out of your investment.

Only truck-mounted high heat/ steam will give you the most thorough clean ever and get the job done right!


The Benefits are:

1.Cleaner, because this system gets to and cleans the bottom of the carpet as well as the  top you get the cleanest carpets possible.  

.Fresher, the whole carpet is cleaned from top to bottom removing any soil or debri lying in your carpet

Drier, Strong vacuum extracts the dirt, debris, and stains and almost all of the solution   leaving your carpet dry in 1-2 hours  

4.Healthier, All foreign substances, including common household allergens, pollutants and    dust mites are removed.  

TIP: Some "truck-mounted" units are merely portable units bolted onto the truck. Remember, the most effective machine would be powered by the truck's engine and not your residential electric supply.



portable cleaning machine

Portable Machine

On the odd occasion Kleenright UK have to use a portable machine due to some areas not being accessible for our truck-mounted system. All though this is very rare, on the odd occasion it does happen.

We would not recommend this system for heavily soiled carpets like tennanted properties or greasy restaurants. Unlike the truck mounted system this type of cleaning is dependant on the use of your electricity and your hot water, plus, the heat temperatures are very basic. In fact MOST ONLY HAVE ONE HEAT SETTING, and drying times are greatly increased.

Although this is our least favourite of the 3 most popular methods of cleaning the skilled technician can still achieve good results.

The Benefits are:

1. Can reach the carpets in buildings  truck mounts can't, like the 20th floor of a high rise building.

2. Cheaper to use than the truck-mounted system due to using "YOUR" electricity and hot water.

3. For commercial lockins

 The Dry Cleaning

This is a great method of quick cosmetic cleaning for when you have to have the carpet cleaned and need quick drying times, or in a busy office where you need the carpets cleaned without the noise of a vacuum distracting your employee's.

This type of cleaning removes the soil from the top of the carpet. Carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning with hot water truck-mounted systems after every third dry cleaning process. 


The Benefits are:

1. Quick Drying, less than 45 minutes.

2. Speed of set up and cleaning.

3. Whisper quiet cleaning.